Welcome to People for Action on Climate Change (PACC). We are a political action committee, which means that all contributions to our organizations are reported to appropriate regulatory authorities, and are not tax deductible.

This page talks about our privacy policy regarding information (personal or otherwise) you provide through various forms on the website and via email to any of our email addresses registered under the domain (i.e. email addresses ending in We have made this privacy policy as easy to read and understand as possible. Please read it carefully before you volunteer personal information to us.

We don’t foresee the basics of this privacy policy changing, but in the off chance they do, we will post them on the website and display notice of the change prominently on the home page of the website, and publish the revised policy on this webpage. Changes to privacy policy are necessarily forward looking, and can’t be applied on a retroactive basis.

Words, images, and statistics on this website are produced by paid staff or contractors, allies who want to recommend our work, and founding members. In cases where we are using work produced / published in other venues, we cite them in endnotes and provide hyperlinks where available and appropriate. We only link to other sites we deem dependable, trustworthy and secure. However, PACC can’t be held responsible for the ways in which these other sites we link to engage you, your browser data, and information you provide to them.

Basics of privacy

We will never ever sell the personal information you provide to any person, organization, entity, committee, campaign, or corporation. We may however share information with appropriate government regulatory and law enforcement authorities. These instances of sharing data with regulatory and law enforcement agencies will be voluntary if it is an attempt to prevent or investigate actual or potential fraud. When information is demanded in any other context, we will comply ONLY when required to do so by a clearly established law in accordance with the US Constitution.

We do ask that you provide an email address to complete transactions such as making a donation, signing up as a volunteer, applying for job vacancies, answering a survey / poll. Email messages sent automatically pertain only to those specific transactions to provide confirmations, reminders, updates, and administrative messages that mediate the exchange of information between you and PACC website administrators.

If you choose to provide us with your phone number, the only people with access to these numbers are people directly involved with PACC activities (i.e. staff, volunteers, coordinators, contractors). We will never sell or share your phone number with any person, organization, entity, committee, campaign, or corporation for any purpose whatsoever.

We will not send you an unsolicited mass mailer unless you ask to be included in a mailing list. You have the option of choosing how frequently you’d like to receive these mailers: We send a bi-weekly (once in two weeks) newsletter, a monthly newsletter, and would like to reserve the right to send up to and no more than six emergency mass mailers per year. All recipients will have the option to opt out of all further mass mailers by clicking a link included in every message.

We moderate all comments on our website in an attempt to keep away trolls, minimize your exposure to the potential for online abuse, and encourage a positive spirit of democratic dialog. At the moment, given budget constraints, we spend one person hour every week day to moderate comments. If you choose to engage with comments sections on our webpages, therefore, we can’t really guarantee avoiding the occasional emergence of comments section conflict. We reserve the right to block repeat offenders from using the comments section of our website. We also reserve the right to close off our comments section altogether, and your comments may not be available to you or anyone should this happen.

We do use browser data specific to your use of our site to develop analytics on usage and interest levels, so we can better understand you as an audience and as a partner in our effort to mobilize politically to address the crisis of climate change.

We don’t like ads, so we don’t have ads on this website, and therefore we don’t collect information on what ads you like. We do however display business names, brief details, and links to online assets (website, social media accounts) of major donors on the page/s dedicated to our sponsors. It is literally the least we can and ought to do to show our appreciation for their support.

We have no sweepstakes and contests, and never will.

Our approach to this website is summed up in one word – minimalism. In the face of the abominable complexity of life, the universe and everything else it is entirely likely that we have missed something in this privacy policy. We can’t be held responsible for unforeseen and unmentioned eventualities.

If you have comments, suggestions, concerns, or questions, please do send an email to