Climate change demands a transformation of policy at every level and in every aspect of our government. Our mission is to register 200,000 new voters across the state of North Carolina with data driven neighbor-to-neighbor outreach. Together we can force our elected representatives to acknowledge and act on the threats posed by climate change.

This website is under construction. We request contributions to our startup fund. With your support we will produce a wave in the 2018 mid-term election.

Please visit us on March 1st 2018. In the interim, if you have questions or contributions please send an email to

Or call Srinath at 919.977.3121 or 919.259.2874.


What we do...

Mobilize NC voters for the 2018 midterm

We put strategic voter data in the hands of street level organizers to maximize voter turnout in the 2018 midterm. 

Expand voter rolls in North Carolina

We have developed a sophisticated voter information system to target households with no registered voters. We match these households with high frequency voters and volunteers in their neighborhood to organize a decentralized, but coordinated voter registration effort.


Educate voters to be leaders

We provide data, coordinate strategy, exchange ideas, and organize training sessions to mobilize individuals and groups to better understand elections, and election campaigning.