Wiley Elementary School

Wake County Precinct 01-07

301, St. Mary's st, Raleigh, NC 27607

Check out this precinct's democratic Facebook group, and get involved.

Things to do in this precinct

1. Thirty two (32) addresses have no registered voters. Would you like to knock on those doors and help them get registered? 

2. One Hundred and Thirty Four (134) democratic voters have been marked off as inactive by the BoE. Would you like to contact them and motivate them to vote?


Parking: There is adequate parking at this location. However, parking may be limited, especially on election day. 

Park and Ride:

Call PACC to organize a ride: Call Jane 919.123.4567

Nearest Public Transit point: St. Mary's St. at North St. Stop ID: 8494

Precinct profile

Precinct composition - voters by party

While this is a majority democratic precinct, 62% of unaffiliated voters lean republican. Republicans have a higher propensity to vote in off-year, mid-term elections, blunting the democratic advantage. If you'd like to change this dynamic by volunteering to register more voters and / or get out the vote, please click here.

% Turnout in the most recent election

Median propensity to vote in mid-term election

Democratic voters by gender identification

More about this precinct...

As expected, women voters form a significant majority of the democratic voting block in this precinct. The most effective get out the voter efforts are built on the efforts of women to organize and vote. If you want to network with organizers in the precinct, please check out the Facebook group for this voting precinct's democratic group.